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Comparing laser CNC with wire tip

COMPARING PYROPRINTER WITH LASER ENGRAVER HALFTONES Laser CNC draws dots and it can’t create halftones in the image. In other words, the laser puts a black dot or miss it. Any artist knows that the painted shadows in the image create the volume effect and make it “alive”. In many ways, the human brain recognizes […]

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Pyrography by me

Hello! I love to burn images on wood. You can see my artworks on this page.  

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pyrography on the leather wallet

Pyrography on leather

WHERE THERE IS BURNING OF THE leather? Scope of pyrography on leather is very broad. The most popular are Souvenirs and clothing. For example, leather jackets with beautiful patterns scorched into his back, or a beautiful ethnic pattern scorched on leather shoes. Very popular figures burned into handbags. As popular engraving on the leather covers […]

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Materials for pyrography

Materials for pyrography What materials you can use for burning? Burn on the CNC on any wood surfaces and leather. The main condition for burning on a wooden surface, that it was not treated before varnish, paint or consisted of glued wood. Otherwise when burning will give off toxic smoke harmful to human health.   […]

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CNC machines for burning made from European components. We produce components for milling machines in our factory. Our engineers worked on the machine for burning out within a few years. The history of production dates back to 1999. We believe in the quality of their equipment and give 1 year warranty for CNC. Also provide […]

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CNC wood burner


CNC Wood burner for making portraits on wooden surface This machine automatically makes the portrait on the wood surface by burning. Portreit on the wood is a new kind of eco-friendly gifts that will impress your friends and family. Exclusive portrait looks like a stuff made by the professional artist. PyroPrinter allows you to burn […]

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