Simple Home Business
That Makes Exclusive Things
And Brings Very Good Money

Did you know that in a country like the United States almost 900 thousand people celebrate their birthdays every day?

And about 3.5 million people give them gifts!

Imagine that each resident of Los Angeles gives a gift to each resident of San Francisco.

LA and SF2

And this happens every single day!

This is how the volume of the gift market in the United States looks like.

This is a huge market where you can make very good money.


Made in Europe
This business is becoming popular in Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and several European countries. More than 300 people purchased Pyroprinter to create their own home business and create portraits for customers.

Why Pyroprinter?

Burned portraits on the wood surface – is a new eco-friendly gift that is in demand. Your friends do not have portrait like Pyroprint before for sure! Exclusive portrait on the wood absolutely impress anyone, because these portraits look as if was made by professional artist.

People love to obtain the original exclusive gifts for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, family celebrations, etc.). The man is especially nice to receive a gift that has his or her name, portrait, or other way to show his individuality. Such a gift will cause a huge delight and you can be sure that this gift a person did not receive before and hardly ever seen. The quality of the portrait is not inferior to the work of a professional artist.

People love things made for them personally. Exclusive personalized things are often becomes significant for the person. This gift will certainly not go into the pantry.



Pay back period of the purchase of CNC wood burner is about 2 months

Investments — about $ 750 (Pyroprinter, sandpaper, plywood)

Cost of the portrait — $30-$90 (depends on size).

Profit per month — $300-$1500

Recently, our client wrote us, that for the first two days he earned $ 400 on portraits and really thanked us for what we have developed such a machine for a home business. 

You can make portraits and sell them via the internet (social networks, instagramm, websites of Handmaid, etc.), as well as you can find partners who will offer your products. You can suggest partnership for wedding agencies, photographers (who make the photo sessions) or advertising agencies.

Process of portreit making does not require a lot of time and you can combine it with the your job. To make 1 portrait you need to configure the program for 20 minutes, start the burning process. You do not need to control process during all time. You can make portraits after work in the evenings or on weekends.

Nowadays, very few studios do these portraits. You can have time to take a free niche buying a CNC wood burner today. You will have enough time to establish yourself on the market, find partners and gain your portfolio.


Easy Start For Home Business

All you need to start:

  • Pyroprinter machine
  • Computer or laptop with Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Plywood
  • Sandpaper


Easy To Use

You do NOT need to undergo special training or to learn a complex program for expensive production CNC. To burn the image just upload the image in format BMP in the program and click START. The rest of the work will do the CNC itself. For the best quality you can pre-process the photo in photoshop software or other graphic programm.

We give video tutorials on preparing photos to burn.

Even the students and young ladies work with our machine . We have made the control of the machine simple and requires no special knowledge.

The whole process is automated on a CNC burner. You don’t need a special separate room. You can burn the portraits on the tree right at home.


See Portraits Made On CNC Burner


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