Fire brush is an innovation of our engineers. It’s tool for pyrography, which burns a stream of hot air (temperature up to 700 degrees Celsius). You exhale “fire” the air that paint a picture. Artwork made in this way, a particularly attractive soul embedded in them.

Fire brush for pyrography
wood burner by the Fire Brush


How does it work?

You keep the tube of Fire Brush in mouth. You exhale air, the air is heated inside the burner up to 700 degrees and goes through the small hole (nozzle). The stream of hot air heats the top layer of wood. The image appears on the wooden surface without damaging the surface and natural texture of wood. The picture burned in a contactless manner, thereby get a perfect smooth images without dashes and dots. Depth burning on the surface of the wood is only 1 micron (0,001mm). The intensity of the pattern will depend on the speed of your exhaled air. In the end, You will receive an art work of high quality. This is a completely new approach in the creativity and pyrography.

Watch the video master class on pyrography on wood


wood burning
wood burning
wood burning
wood burning by fire brush

The burner does not require any consumables. If you paint a picture of expensive aerosol paints, while not spending money on stain.

wood burner pyroprinter
Fire brush – tool for wood burning


To burn will fit the following:

  • wood
  • leather
  • paper

Yes, on paper, You will also be able to burn the image. How it works demonstrates the artist Elena Ponomareva in this video:

The kit includes 5 nozzles for different painting style. Different size and shape nozzles give different effects when applied to the figure.



You just need to learn some drawing techniques to learn how to do exclusive work. Moreover, the picture obtained is very high level and have a refined technique.

Even children can learn how to draw a fire brush.



Can I get burned?

If You accidentally breathed the air out of the tube yourself, then you will not get burned. The air in back is not heated enough to burn the mouth. Maximum you will feel an unpleasant taste in the mouth, which is easy to clean by simple rinsing with water.
If we talk about touching the tip of the cautery, it is as hot as a regular wood burner. Any such tool requires caution when using it.


Crafted with a Fire Brush


Painting techniques using fire brushes

  • Uniform darkening of the basics
    To darken or uniform fill color, you can use a large diameter nozzles, including nozzle “reverse cone”. For large area uniform zatamnenie apparatus can be kept away from wood surfaces. The fill color is uniform, without clear boundaries.

*************** picture

  • Drawing on trowel
    If You need to obtain an image with sharp boundaries – You can use the “trowel” of the artist. It is a small triangular shaped tool that is used as a ruler or pattern during the painting process.


  • Drawing stencil
    Another option – drawing to stencil. This is suitable for any non-combustible stencil. The sample must be kept on the procurement and exhale hot air with a uniform fill.


Characteristics of the device the FiRE brush:

– power consumption 100 W
– voltage 220V
– weight 500 gr.