CNC Wood burner for making portraits on wooden surface

This machine automatically makes the portrait on the wood surface by burning. Portreit on the wood is a new kind of eco-friendly gifts that will impress your friends and family. Exclusive portrait looks like a stuff made by the professional artist.

PyroPrinter allows you to burn any image or photo on the wooden surface (board, plywood) or on the skin.

You can make portraits as gifts for friends or open a small business and produce the portraits for sale. Price of the material for the portrait is about $ 5-10. The price of the finished portrait of $ 50-100 depending on the size. Time for burning is about 3 hours.

Cost of CNC PyroPrinter – $ 990 (the price includes hardware, software, manual, additional files)

You can cut the billets (plywood board) for yourself or buy ready-made pieces in the hardware store.

Additional information you can find on the website: pyroprint .com .

– Machine size 550 * 550mm
– Operating margin 450 * 370mm (may be increased up to 900 * 400mm)
– Power – 150 W
– Support for Windows 7
– USB port
– The load on the processor of the computer or laptop – about 8%

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