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CNC Pyrography machine

Twice as fast – A4 portrait burned out in 1.5 hours
Controls via USB, Wi-Fi from PC or smartphone on Android
The autonomous controller



Pyroprinter is a CNC machine that is controlled via software on a PC or Smartphone (Android 5.0 or higher only).

Pyroprinter burns images on wood surfaces. The art of burning images is called Pyrography.

You can upload any image (portrait, landscape, animals, drawing, etc.) to the software and click Start. The machine will do the rest itself. You can make portraits as professional artists who are engaged in pyrography.

The price of the machine is $650 USD + 30USD delivery



how cnc wood burning machine works

How does it work

Pyroprinter machine reads the image line by line. Then the machine automatically translates the color shades into code.

In a place where the image is black, the hot tip (sting) moves slowly. This way the image is burned harder (deeper) and we get dark shades.

In a place where the picture is light, the tip moves quickly, so it does not have time to change the color of the wood.

Due to the different speed of movement, we get different shades. This helps to make a beautiful “deep” image.

Very simple control

The software is included.
It can be installed on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 via USB wire or via WiFi.

You can also control the machine from your Smartphone on Android(version 5.0 or higher) via Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have an Internet router at home, the machine controller can create its own Wi-Fi access point.

Instructions and tutorials are included.

The machine controller is Autonomous.
This means that you can send a print job, and then the computer or smartphone is no longer used in the machine.

Learn more about our software

software for cnc wood burner

size of the work field of wood burning printer

What sizes you can make

Working area of CNC – 420×500 mm (16.5×19.7 inches).
One dimension is possible to increase up to 900 mm and the work area will be 16.5×35.4 inches.

Time for the burning of portraits:
A4* (21×30 cm/8,3×11,8″): 1.5 hours
A3 (30×40 cm/11,8×15.8″): 3 – 3.5 hours
A2 (40×60 cm/15.8×23.6″): 6-8 hours

*A4 is standard paper for the printer.

Learn more how to increase the size of work field

What inside of the box

We ship Pyroprinter in a plywood box. This box is laid out and transformed into a table for the machine.

The machine itself is ready and does not require Assembly! You only need to assemble the table once. Watch the video: 12-year-old girl assembled a table for the Pyroprinter machine.

Equipment kit:

  1. Controller
  2. Machine mechanics
  3. Plywood box-table
  4. Rods(2 pcs.)
  5. Furniture (screws, fixators, ruler, etc.
  6. 2 pieces of plywood for burning
  7. Sandpaper
  8. A set of spare
  9. Tips, and a wire (enough for 150 portraits)

Weight of the parcel is about 8.5 kg.

what included to kit

laser engravings does not give halftones instead of Pyroprinter

Comparing Wire TIP with laser engraving

Pyroprinter draws the image nichrome thread. Due to the different speed of movement, different shades of color are obtained.

The laser machine draws with dots. The laser cannot make full-fledged shades in a wide range.

To get shades, the laser can put 15 points per 1 square millimeter, then the color will appear black. And can put two points, then from afar the color will seem light.

The laser-etched image looks like an image from a newspaper.

Therefore, Pyroprinter has a significant advantage.

Comparing nichrome and laser engraving, about diode laser read here

Consumables And Maintenance

You do not need any complex and expensive care. All you need is:

  1. Every 5-7 portraits need to change the tip. The tip is made of a special wire. Previously, we used nichrome, but in the version Pyroprinter 3 we use a special alloy. Included with the machine is a wire that will be enough for 150 A4 portraits. If desired, you can order additional wire. The cost of a piece of wire is $ 5.
  2. The mechanical parts of the machine must be lubricated with oil.
  3. Once a month, you need to update the scratches on the ruler. This is done with a paper knife and takes a couple of minutes.
delivery box for pyroprinter


Wood burning machine

Technical characteristics

  • Size of the working field 42×50 cm (16.5×19.7 inches). It can be easy increased by user up to 42×90 cm (16.5×35.4 inches or 1.4×3 feet). Learn more how to increase the size
  • Size of the base for the machine is 75 x 75 cm (2.5 x 2.5 ft)
  • Size of the delivery box: 20x20x75 cm (8x8x30 imches), 8 kg (18 pounds)
  • Power – 90 Watts (less than the computer consumes)
  • Works with OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Minimum computer requirements for Pyroprinter software: 1GB RAM, 1GB HDD
  • Minimum computer requirements for Graphic editor: 4GB RAM, video card
  • App for Smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher
  • Control via USB port, WiFi

No dust, no noise, no smoke. The smell when burning is barely perceptible – less than from a matches.


What else?

Worldwide shipping

we will ship the box with the Pyroprinter in the next few days after payment by EMS Express shipping.

1 year warranty

If something happens to the machine during the year (not through the user’s fault), we will send spare parts to it for free or change the machine.

Video lessons

We give step-by-step video lessons on how to assemble a table for the machine, how to process photos, how to set a portrait to burn. All lessons are designed for beginners.

Free support

We are in touch 7 days a week, so if you have any questions, you can contact us for help.

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