How to Open Your Own
Home Business

on big market with low investments


Did you know?

In a country like the United States
about 900 000 people
celebrate their birthdays every day


And about 3.5 million people
look for gifts for them!


How much is that?

Imagine that each resident of Los Angeles
gives a gift to each resident of San Francisco.


And this happens every single day!


This is what the gift-giving market looks like in the United States.


The demand for unique gifts in huge and is expected to only grow in the future. You can make great and easy profit by joining such market.

Why Pyroprinter
is a good tool for this market?

Nowadays, it can be difficult to surprise a person with a gift. We’ve all had troubles with choosing something special for our loved ones at least once in our lives.

But we have seen hundreds of times the emotions of people who received their portrait burned on wood. People are always excited to receive such a unique and personalized gift! It is extremely likely that they have never seen such portraits before and are easily surprised.

People love giving original gifts and such portraits are definitely one of them! They are easy to sell and will help you break into the gift-giving market.


Target audience for this business

Target audience is anyone who is looking for gifts for special events, for their loved ones, or just to decorate their homes with unique pictures.
Most of these clients are men and women aged 18-50 with an average or below-average income. They often have a significant other whom they want to give a memorable gift to while staying on a budget.
Moreover, gifts are given not only to family members, but also to work colleagues, friends, acquaintances, teachers, etc.

Most frequent occasions for such gifts:
1. Birthdays. These gifts are especially easy to sell for anniversaries.
2. Holidays (New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.).
3. Special occasions (weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, graduations, etc.)
Additionally, many people like to decorate their homes with beautiful pictures of their pets, animals, landscapes, and so on.




Pay back period of the purchase of CNC wood burner is about 2 months

Investments — about $700 (Pyroprinter, sandpaper, plywood)

Cost of the plywood — $0.5-$2 (depends on size).

Cost of the portrait — $30-$90 (depends on size).

Profit per month — $300-$1500




You can find clients in the Internet at various sites:
Social media:

Sites of HandMade:,,,,,,,,,

Market Places:,, etc.

Thematic sites and forums, Craigslists, etc.



As well as you can find partners who will offer your products. You can suggest partnerships for wedding agencies, photographers (who make the photo sessions) or advertising agencies.

Easy Start For Home Business

All you need to start:

  • Pyroprinter machine
  • Computer or laptop with Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Plywood
  • Sandpaper

The process of portrait making is simple and does not require a lot of time. You can make extra money while keeping your full-time job. You can make good profit just by working during the weekend.

To make 1 portrait you need to configure the program for 20 minutes, and then start the burning process. You do not need to control the process during the whole time.

Easy To Use

You do NOT need to undergo special training or to learn a complex program for expensive production CNC. In order to burn a picture, you have to just upload the image in format BMP in the program and click START. CNC will do the rest of the work on its own. For the best quality you can pre-process the photo in Photoshop software or other graphic programs.

Even teenagers and seniors work with our machine. We have made the control of the machine simple and it requires no special knowledge. The whole process is automated.

You don’t need a special separate room. You can burn the portraits on the wood right at home.


Free Video Tutorials

We provide free video tutorials on all stages of the machine operation.

We pay special attention to processing photos in image editors. You can use both the Photoshop program and its free counterpart – GIMP2. You can also edit the image in any other editor.

You don’t need to be afraid of this stage – our lessons are designed for beginners.

We have clients
from many countries

Our clients earn money on the Pyroprinter in a large number of countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, India, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Hungary, Czech Republic, Chile, South Africa, Macedonia, etc.

More than 300 people purchased Pyroprinter to create their own home business and create portraits for customers.

Some of our customers
have 2 or more machines

One of our clients burns so many portraits that
he bought 5 machines from us!


Watch Portraits Made On CNC Burner



So far there is Low competition in this niche
Nowadays, very few studios do these types of portraits. By buying a CNC wood burner today, you can easily get into this market with little to no competition. You will have enough time to establish yourself on the market, find partners, and gain your portfolio.


Take your first step
to start your own home business


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