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1. Review form Richard Hamilton (USA, North Carolina)


2. Feedback from Jenny Henry (USA, Michigan)


3. Review from Sebastiaan (The Netherlands)


4. Review from Gabor Vida (UK, Bury St. Edmunds)


5. Review from Edward Montalvo (USA, Henry, IL)


5. Review from Tom Hunchuch (USA, OH)


5. Review from Ardit (Albania)


Feedback From Maxim (Russia)


“My name is Maxim, I am 29 years old, I am a happy husband, and a beloved father. As you may have guessed, I am engaged in burning portraits on wood For 3 years of operation of this business, we have made more than 1000 people happy. I will tell you my way in more detail in the following posts, since the purpose of this post is just to get acquainted, and not to tell a lot about myself.

Why did I choose this particular business?

It’s very simple. It is important for me to enjoy my work. I like this case. You know what I mean? Every person in life has their own Hobbies,interests, Hobbies and they do it for the soul. That’s the same for me. I just enjoy what I do.

There is another reason why I chose this business: I like to give people emotions. I especially like it when satisfied customers send a video review.I look at each review and read it with a smile. This charges me with emotions, and I understand that my efforts are not in vain.

I don’t aim to “make a lot of money”. I just do what I really like. And if I like it, I do it with my heart. And if I do it with my soul , I do it with quality. Do you follow a logical chain?
I believe that it is very important for any person to find themselves in this life.Find ways to realize yourself but, most importantly, that this business would bring genuine pleasure, in other cases it is routine.”

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