How to increase the size
of the Pyroprinter`s working field

The standard size of the working field is 42*50 cm (16.5*19.7 inches). This size easily fits A3 and A4 formats,as well as square paintings of 1*1 foot.

wood burned picture A4 (21x30 cm)

But there is an easy way to increase the size of the machine’s working field to 42*90 cm (16.5*35.4 inches or 1.4*3 feet) for just a few dollars.

size of work field of Pyroprinter

To do this, you need to change the construction rods (rails) on which the machine moves. This is a standard product that is sold in a building materials store (or hardware store). The thread of the rod is standard metric M8. Just buy 2 rods 1 meter long (about 3 feet 4 inches) and a metal ruler of the same length.

rods for pyroprinter

On the ruler, you will need to make holes for attaching to the table using a drill with a metal drill.

increase the work field

Just replace the standard rods and ruler. Then you will get a working field size of 42*90 centimeters (1.4*3 feet). This will allow you to burn out paintings in the size of A2.

wood burning picture A2 (60x40 cm)


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