Our Customer Service

Worldwide Shipping


The delivery time of the goods is usually 1-3 working days. In case of delays, the manager will inform you about the actual date of sending your order.

Delivery is worldwide by EMS express service

The machine is carefully Packed before shipment. All parts of the machine inside the box, we tighten the clamps to the parts of the box. Therefore, nothing inside is hanging out and does not lie just like that.

Delivery time depends on your country. Please contact us to get more details.

The minimum cost of delivery of goods when sent outside of Russia is 30 US dollars (3,500 rubles). The minimum cost of delivery of goods in Russia starts from 300 rubles.


One Year Warranty

warranty for Pyroprinter

The machine is guaranteed for 1 year. If during this year there was a failure not due to the user’s fault (dropped, broken, poured water into the electronics, etc.), the repair or replacement is at our expense.

In most cases, the issue is resolved by regulation. Our support service will help you with this. But if something is really broken, we will either send you a free repair part (if the repair is easy to do yourself without special skills in 10-15 minutes). In this case, our engineer will give instructions, photos or videos on how to replace this part. Or if it is impossible to repair a broken part yourself, we will send you a part of the machine for free. Delivery is also for free.

If you need additional parts after the warranty period or if you want to have additional parts, please also contact our technical support. We have decided that we will not add additional profit on spare parts for our customers. Note: we offer spare parts to our customers only.


Video Tutorials


We understand that our clients have completely different levels of computer and hardware proficiency. Therefore, we try to simplify the work with our machine as much as possible. To do this , we regularly add new manuals, master classes and video tutorials on all aspects of working with the machine: from the moment of unpacking the machine and installing the program, to the processing of photos and burning.

Our lessons are designed for beginners who have never used graphic editors to prepare photos before and have not used machines of this type.


Free Support


If you couldn’t install the burnout program or something didn’t work out, just let us know.

Our support team will definitely help you. If there is a problem with the program, the engineer can connect to your computer using the free software TeamViewer. He will help you configure the program for the machine.

If something didn’t work out during burning, just send us a photo of the result and the engineer will give you instructions on what to do or how to configure the machine or program so that you get a great result.

If you need help please contact our engineer Denis.

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