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What else can I do with a Pyroprinter

What else you can do with Pyroprinter Pyroprinter was created for burning photos (bitmaps). Often these are portraits. What else is burned on the machine Pyroprinter? This article will tell you about the different applications of machine Pyroprinter. Here we have posted photos of the works that we and our clients burned.   1. Clock […]

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wire for wood burning machine

Acoustic copper wires for Pyroprinter

My acoustic cable or why do we get so steamed up for small things? In the CNC pyroprinter burner, we use copper acoustic wires, which are more reliable, have low resistance and, if necessary, function well on bending. They are called acoustic, because they are usually used to connect amplifiers to speakers for fans of […]

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9 wood burned bread and flower colored

Wood Burning with color paint

Painted on burnt-out wooden pictures You may not believe it, but this work is burned into the wood! (Red accents are painted with watercolor paint). Look further – there is a whole gallery of amazing products. I talked to the authors who told me about their creations. Painted with paints burnt out pictures wooden paintings […]

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How to make wood burned clock

How to make wood burned clock With Pyroprinter machine   We bought this ready-made watch in a store for $ 4. After that, we unscrewed all the fasteners with a screw driver. Here’s what we got. You do not have to torture the clock; instead you could buy a separate clock mechanism and holders for […]

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1 plywood with clips

How to cut plywood with jigsaw without chipping

How to cut plywood without chips and burrs You should always saw along the fibers of the tree. This way, you most likely won’t run into any problems. However, if you decide to saw across, some chips and burrs can appear on the surface. Often beginners have difficulties in cutting plywood. Namely, when cutting plywood […]

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About wood for burning

How to choose the plywood for wood burning Sorts of wood Please note that we use certain types of wood for burning: birch, aspen, poplar. These types of wood are light (white), and the image is burned out in contrast. These types of wood contain little natural oils and resins. Therefore, the images are of […]

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Comparing Laser Engraver with Pyroprinter Machine

Comparing Pyropinter With Laser Engraver In this article, we will take a closer look at the methods of engraving using a laser machine and a nichrome machine. I will say right away-the machines are different and are aimed at different goals. Unfortunately, there is no universal solution that is suitable for all purposes. Each machine […]

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Pyrography by me

Hello! I love to burn images on wood. You can see my artworks on this page.  

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pyrography on the leather wallet

Pyrography on leather

WHERE THERE IS BURNING OF THE leather? Scope of pyrography on leather is very broad. The most popular are Souvenirs and clothing. For example, leather jackets with beautiful patterns scorched into his back, or a beautiful ethnic pattern scorched on leather shoes. Very popular figures burned into handbags. As popular engraving on the leather covers […]

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Materials for pyrography

Materials for pyrography What materials you can use for burning? The main condition for burning on a wooden surface, that it was not treated before varnish, paint or consisted of glued wood. Otherwise when burning will give off toxic smoke harmful to human health.   Selection of wood Suitable to burn different wood, but one […]

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