What else you can do with Pyroprinter

Pyroprinter was created for burning photos (bitmaps). Often these are portraits. What else is burned on the machine Pyroprinter? This article will tell you about the different applications of machine Pyroprinter. Here we have posted photos of the works that we and our clients burned.


1. Clock

Burning out a watch is not much different from burning out portraits. Think immediately about where the hands of the clock will be located, so that they do not cover an important part of the image. The hands of the clock on the person’s nose will look funny, but it is not a fact that this is exactly what you wanted. But who knows? You can either take a ready-made watch with a dial on the glass and remake them. Or you can add a dial in the photo editor (Photoshop or GIMP).

When burning, be sure to consider the thickness of the plywood. This is due to the length of the part (shafts) on which the clock hands rotate. If the plywood is too thick, you simply can’t set the hands on the clock mechanism.


Read in this article how we made this clock.





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