Pyroprinter III+software

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Machine for wood burning



Machine for wood burning Pyroprinter III

Pyroprinter is the pyrographic machine for burning on a wooden surface. Burning occurs with a hot wire.


Technical characteristics

  • Size of the base for the machine is 75 x 75 cm (2.5 x 2.5 ft)
  • Size of the delivery box: 20x20x75 cm (8x8x30 inches), 8 kg (18 pounds)
  • Power – 90 Watts (less than the computer consumes)
  • Works with OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Minimum computer requirements for Pyroprinter software: 1GB RAM, 1GB HDD
  • Minimum computer requirements for Graphic editor: 4GB RAM, video card
  • App for Smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher
  • Control via USB port, WiFi


Working area

is 420×500 mm (16.5×19.7 inches).
One dimension is possible to increase up to 900 mm and the work area will be 16.5×35.4 inches.

Time for the burning of portraits:
A4* (21×30 cm/8,3×11,8″): 1.5 hours
A3 (30×40 cm/11,8×15.8″): 3 – 3.5 hours
A2 (40×60 cm/15.8×23.6″): 6-8 hours

*A4 is standard paper for the printer.

Learn more how to increase the size of work field



We send By the EMS courier service.

Delivery time is 12-22 days (depends on your country)

The delivery time may be longer if the customs service of your country takes a long time to process the parcel. This may be due to a pandemic. 



Software and lessons

are included in the package. We will send you a download link after ordering.

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    Additional information

    Weight 8.2 kg
    Dimensions 80 × 20 × 20 cm

    What in the box

    Equipment kit:

    1. Controller
    2. Machine mechanics
    3. Plywood box-table
    4. Rods(2 pcs.)
    5. Furniture (screws, fixators, ruler, etc.
    6. 2 pieces of plywood for burning
    7. Sandpaper
    8. A set of spare
    9. Tips, and a wire (enough for 150 portraits)

    Weight of the parcel is about 8.5 kg (18 pounds).

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