Painted on burnt-out wooden pictures

You may not believe it, but this work is burned into the wood! (Red accents are painted with watercolor paint).

Look further – there is a whole gallery of amazing products. I talked to the authors who told me about their creations.

1 wood burning with paint

Painted with paints burnt out pictures wooden paintings

You may not believe it, but this work is burned into the wood! (red accents are painted with watercolor paint). Look further – there is a whole gallery of amazing products. I talked to the authors who told me about their creations.

To get you up to speed, I’ll start from a little distance. There is such a drawing technique as Pyrography. This is a method of drawing an image (usually on a wooden surface) by burning. This art is known even to our ancestors, who burned their products with metal objects heated on fire. Of course, the owners of modern electric burners did not even dream of the problems faced by the masters of those times. The metal heated on fire can be easily overheated, and in the process of burning it cools down quickly enough. Another thing is now-the electric burner maintains a constant temperature and the artist does not have to constantly pause for the next heating of the instrument.

The people who create their masterpieces using pyrography are called master pyrographers. This is a very difficult type of fine art, because small errors immediately turn into burned holes in the wood (or plywood), which are much more difficult to fix than just erasing a pencil with an eraser. But the difficulty is also that the shades when drawing (dark, light lines or tones) can be achieved using different times of contact of the hot sting of the burner tip with the wood. If you touch the wooden surface with a hot object very quickly, you will get a light point (or line), and if you hold the tip for a fraction of a second longer, the line becomes much blacker.

For those who want to create their own masterpieces of pyrography, but do not have artistic talent, our engineers created a device called a Pyroprinter – a CNC wood burner (pyrography) machine that draws portraits from photos from a computer.

You can learn more about Pyroprinter wood burner machine here.

Burn image on a CNC burner Proprinter different Wood burning Studio or Amateurs. But there are not so many who really approach the business with soul and such dedication. Portraits made with pleasure can be seen immediately compared to those created “because it was necessary to give an order urgently”. We will talk about one such Studio. Its name is “Pyro-Image” from Russia. As you know, any picture is better to see once than to hear about it 1000 times, so first I will show you why it interested me so much.

The guys took as a basis for burning the paintings of the artist Igor Ozhiganov. The original image looks like this. You can find more his paintings in the Internet

Ozhiganov Igor

And this is already wood burned pictures by the guys from the Studio “Pyro-Image”.
2 wood burning art with watercolor paint
3 pyrography with color paint
4 woodart with paint and woodburning
5 made on Pyroprinter

“- Our workshop is a family Union of an artist and an engineer. Well, we create it just for the soul and not in a hurry. Most of our products are made for us and as a gift to your loved ones. We just follow the recommendations from the documentation that came with the machine Pyroprinter. Only a little “optimized” the process of plywood preparation and created their own “author’s” not expensive and environmentally friendly coating for ready-made portraits, that’s all”
6 burned on Pyroprinter machine

On this scorched photos of the authors workshop: Doroskhov Yuri and Cherkasskyaya Olga.
7 color paint on wood

The whole family takes part in the process

– Where did you get the idea to paint by watercolors on the portraits made on a CNC wood burner?

– The idea to paint, or rather to tinge, came after working with sunflowers. The original picture was very warm colors, which is what I liked, and the burned-out work was some kind of “photo negative”, in a good sense of the word. I wanted something more, decided to try to paint. And it turned out very well, the picture “breathed” and acquired a completely different look. Unfortunately, at the very beginning of our work, we did not yet have the habit of photographing works “before and after”, so there was no kind of burned-out, unpainted picture left.

The original photo for burning:
8 bread and flower

Wood burned picture with painting:
9 wood burned bread and flower colored
– In addition to portraits, we made postcards: we specially burned postcards from the Soviet times on A4 and A5 formats: squirrels, bunnies, hedgehogs, bears, and many other things. Before the holidays, we have repeatedly participated in our local Fair “school of Crafts”, where we sold burnt blanks for coloring – they are not bad to buy. It turns out that a person could make an original not expensive gift, if not manually, then exactly manual “refinement”.
11 Russian folclore
12 Russian mail card picture

– What colors do you use? What have you tried?

– We use watercolors. In our opinion, they are the most suitable for painting. They give the effect of “tinted”, not colored images. This does not look pretentious, but on the contrary – harmonious. By itself, the watercolor is light and loves water. Therefore, you need to maintain a balance of water and paint. If you overdo it with water, you’ll get smudges.

Another important point when painting is to make sure that the paint does not “run” to the fibers of the tree, you can get thin strips that go beyond the desired contour. This also depends on the plywood itself, the thinner the fibers, the higher their “density”, the lower the depth of the “grooves”and the better and easier it is to paint.

We tinted not only the completely burned-out work, but also the contour work. There’s more paint and color. It looks gentle and unusual. We tried using acrylic paints. But we didn’t like it. They do not allow you to make the transition from color to color and are strongly absorbed into the wood.
13 lady and horse - pyrography with paint

– How difficult is it for a beginner to learn how to color pyrotechnics like this? What can you advise beginners?

– If you are familiar with watercolor technique and paint, it is quite possible. It is necessary to try. As mentioned above, you need to understand the balance of water and paint. A sheet of paper and plywood are different materials. And they behave differently.

For ourselves, we concluded that you can color not only paintings with a still life or landscape, but also portraits. Not everything of course. It depends on the production and composition. But not the face, but some elements (eyes, jewelry, flowers, decor). And not bright, but only a little color added. As it is, everything comes with experience. If you are an artist at heart and want to create beautiful and interesting things, then try and experiment.

14 made on Pyrography machine

– You have a lot of images on the Slavic theme. As I understand it, it is very close to You. Pyrography could not be better suited to this topic.

– Initially, these were paintings by the artist Igor Ozhiganov, just created for burning – after all, his images are dominated by yellow-brown tones, and only Red is added. It so happened that we came across his work after we became interested in burning, already having a little experience in pyrography. We can say that the images, looking at us, asked us to transfer them to the wood, and we have already mastered the coloring on life (most of which now decorate the kitchens and living rooms of our apartment, relatives and close friends).
15 pyro machine

Artist Igor Ozhiganov, wood burning by Pyro-Image Studio

– When we came up with a name for our workshop, we wanted it to reflect our attitude to the business and to the World in General. The name “Pyro-Image” – contains a deep sense of transmission through the “fire” processing of natural material-wood, important Images that speak of what is good and what is bad, the memory of Great people and Events. Well, returning to the Slavonic theme – it is also a way to understand, remind or find yourself in this World.


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