Gallery: Wood Burned Pictures
Made on Pyroprinter Machine
by Us and Our Customers

1 Vitaly Gainullin (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)


I would say that this is the best author of pictures burnt on Pyroprinter.

His works delight and inspire! In just a couple of months, he has mastered the machine for burning pictures so that the quality of his masterpieces even our jaw dropped. Surprisingly, he had never used Photoshop before.

As Vitaly himself says, he did not use any additional techniques and did not undergo additional training. He learned everything from the lessons that we give together with the machine.

His Instagram account: @vetalyanao


2. Jenny Henry (Grand Haven, MI, USA)

(Studio Burnt Creations)


Jenny and her husband Elton are some of our most successful clients who have created a business that has impressed even us in terms of turnover. I will not write in numbers how many portraits they make for reasons of personal data protection. But I will say that it impressed even us! They do a lot of work.

At the time of May 2020, they bought from us as many as 5 machines!

Jenny recorded a video review for us a year ago, when she had her first machine and they were just developing their business. You can view the video review on this page. There are also reviews from our other customers.

Her Instagram account: @burnt.creations


3. Sergey Sezik (Poland)


Serhiy Sezik and his wife live in Poland and there they opened a small business for burning portraits.

Sergey burns on poplar plywood. Pay attention to the background of plywood – it is slightly different from birch plywood. There is no such bright texture as the birch.

The guys are very successful and they get high-quality paintings, for which they get their rightful place in our gallery.

His page in Sergey Sezik


4. Angelika Petrova (Surgut, Russia)

Angelika Petrova

Angelika lives in the Northern city of Surgut. It has its own unique style of photo processing. Look at her work to see how meticulously she works through every detail. At the same time, the original photos sent by clients are often of very poor quality. Angelika has been using the Pyroprinter machine since 2017 and has burned a lot of work during this time.

Check out her work on Instagram account


5. Dmitry Vidineev (Taganrog, Russia)

Dima Vidineev

Dmitry has been using the machine for more than two years. And very successful in this business.

People are willing to order portraits from him, because they appreciate the quality and efficiency with which Dmitry performs them. He also gave gifts to famous bloggers, and his portraits were included in reviews that were viewed by millions of people.

Dmitry constantly experiments and brings new ideas to his work.

His Instagram account: @zhardar.tgn



6. Artur Limansky (Nizhegorodskaya state, Russia)


Arthur burns for several years on our machine Pyroprinter. Arthur is from a small town with very low wages and no prospects for growth.

He quickly managed to make his own home business and get the first money from the sale of portraits just a week after the purchase of the machine.

Arthur himself has repeatedly written to us of gratitude: “Guys, thank you! If it wasn’t for this machine, I don’t know what I would do. All my earnings I get from this machine. I would have been depressed by now.”

He does not use Instagram, but promotes his home business through the Russian social media Here is his page where you can talk to him: Artur Limansky

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