CNC wood burner PyroPrinter

Professional CNC wood burner

Protraits on wood
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CNC Wood Burner PyroPrinter

PyroPrinter is a professional CNC wood burning for painting and portraits on wooden surface. This printer operates by soft ware 4X Spider via USB port. Time for burning the portrait A4 size (20 * 30 cm) is about 3 hours and depends on the volume of the dark surface of the portrait.

In order to make a portrait, it is necessary to prepare the picture – convert a photo into a gray color and increase the brightness and contrast, and sharpen the image. Then just upload the original photo in the CNC soft ware. Everything else CNC Wood burner PyroPrinter makes itself.

Cost of PyroPrinter: $1200 $990
(PyroPrinter +SoftWare +extra files)



Watch demo video about capabilities of Pyro Printer

Portraits CNC wood burner makes

CNC Wood burner – is professional tool to make:

craft business exclusive gifts decor pieces



Maximum size 440х420 mm/440×900 mm

OS Windows XP/Windows 7


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CNC Soft Ware “Spider”


Each piece of equipment includes license cnc software “Spider”.
The program reads data from the image or photo loaded into a computer and generates code for control CNC Wood Burner.
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