CNC Pyrography Machine

CNC wood burner works with any wooden surface by Nichrome wire and easy operates  by the Pyroprinter software from PC or Smartphone on Android 5.0 or higher.

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Working area of CNC – 400*500 mm (15.8*16.7 inches). One dimension is possible to increase up to 900 mm and the work area will be 15.8*35.4 inches.

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Pyroprinter machine operates by OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 via USB port or via WiFi. There is the app “Pyroprinter” for smartphone on Android 5.0 or higher.

The machine controls by the “Pyroprinter Software” (full version is included)

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CNC automatically turns on before work and it is turned off after the end, it regulates the heat of the burn wire.

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PyroPrinter burns the picture

The new version of the Piroprinter 3 machine prints an image in 1.5 hours (instead of 3 hours on previous versions). Thus, Proprinter 3 works like two machines at the expense of print speed. The burning time depends on how dark or light the image is. The more dark areas in the picture, the more time the machine will need to complete the work. On average, the picture is printed in 1: 30 hours – 1: 40 hours.

Burning pattern is raster (line by line), shades are due to velocity. For each color CNC selects the desired speed, so the dark elements of the pattern is moving at a slower speed, and light patterns – on the rise speed.

Without additional set-up CNC works with wooden surfaces from 4 to 10 mm thin. If necessary, you can make a simple modification to print on thicker items (boards, boxes, etc.)

Watch demo video about capabilities of Pyro Printer


Comparing Wire TIP with laser engraving

The main drawback of laser CNC burner is the inability to make a halftone for a image. The laser draws either a black dot or not draws a dot at all. Any artist knows that the effect of the volume image is achieved by the shadows on the face. Shadows create objects volume, make it “alive”. The human brain recognizes the person in the image is largely due to the drawn shadows on the face. Laser CNC engraver creates the shadow by decreasing the density of black dots. That is, instead of the 5 grey dots, the CNC will draw 2 black dots and 3 dots it misses.



Clock made on Pyroprinter



CNC burnes portrait




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