STEP 1.  Assembling the table, Installing the Software

1 Assembling the table (base for the machine) from the wooden box.

Please watch the video:

If you can not open this file please go to this link (you can watch 15 minutes of video online, if you need all video please download it – press Download-Direct download in the right top corner).


2. Installation of the software

There are 3 versions of the Pyroprinter machine. Each version runs by with different version of the software. The programs are only suitable for a specific version of the machine. For example, the Pyroprinter 2 program is not suitable for machine tools version 1 or 3.

If you have the machine version “Pyroprinter I” please watch this directions
If you want to install the application for smartphone with Android to control the Pyroprnter III from your phone please watch this directions


3. Installation of the software for Pyroprinter 3

How to install it:

3.1. Download Pyroprinter 3 software:

3.2. Wait fot full downloading and run this file

Keep in mind! We haven’t been certified by Microsoft, so Windows doesn’t know our program. Windows may show a warning that this Software is not known. Force the installation process to start.
3.3. The program must be installed in the root of disk C:\. By default, the program will offer to install it in the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\PyroPrinter”. Just delete “Program Files (x86)” in this field to get this address:

3.4. In the last step uncheck the fields “Launch Pyroprinter” and “Visit product website”.

We haven’t installed the Drivers yet. The machine won’t start yet.


3.5. Now we need to install the drivers.

Before installing the driver, you need to connect the controller via USB wire to your computer! Without this, the driver will not install correctly!

Drivers are located at this address: C:\PyroPrinter\DRIVER\win

(If you still installed the program in the Program Files folder, then the address is: C:\Program Files (x86)\PyroPrinter\DRIVER\win)

Install two files: “install_drivers” and “install_STM_COM_drivers


 Just run the drivers one at a time and wait for the message ” Driver installed successfully. Press any key”
3.6. Now go to your computer’s device Manager.
In Windows 10, you can select it in the menu that appears when you right-click on the START icon.
(In Windows 7: right-click on the “My computer” icon on the desktop or Explorer and click the Properties menu. In the window that opens on the left, click device Manager.)
Find directory “Ports com and LPT”. There is a line “Maple serial (com3)”. There is a  number of com port (for example “3“). Keep this number in mind.
3.7. Press the power On button  (position “I”) on the back side of black controller (black button under the power cord).
Run Pyroprinter software (icon on the desktop).
If the machine started immediately, then nothing needs to be changed. And you can work with the machine.
If you see this dialog window


This error occurs if your version of Windows does not have a Visual C++update. Just download and install this update from the link (it was downloaded from the official Microsoft website).

If the machine does not run, and the connection is crossed out in the lower right corner of the program, it means that the program accesses another USB port on your computer and does not find the machine there.
We need to change the program settings to specify where Pyroprinter. Click on the right icon “Settings” (Gear). In the window
There is second field – number of port. Spell number of the COM port here from step 6. (in my example this number is 3), press Ok.
If the machine did not start immediately, then close and open the program again.
ATTENTION!!!  The tip will start to heat up immediately after the voltage is connected. The tip should be placed on the ruler .

Did everything work out?

When you turn on the program, make sure that the cooler on the black controller is spinning and the sting is warming up.

No heating or the cooler is not spinning?

If this does not happen, then you need to restart the controller strictly in this order:
1. Close the program About the printer.
2. Disconnect the power cable and the USB cable from the controller (black box with electronics).
3. Wait for 30 seconds. This is important! During this time, the controller will completely discharge and the processor will “fall asleep”.
4. Turn on the power cord ONLY (do not turn on the USB). The light inside the controller should flash, and the blue LED on the front panel should flash after 20-40 seconds.
5. After that, turn on the USB wire and the program.

If you purchase the Pyroprinter in 2021, regular temperature for tip is 86-88%

If the controller runs


If you were unable to install install the program

please see if there is a suitable solution in the Troubleshooting section.

Need our help?

If you need help with the installation or need advice, please write to our technical support:
WhatsApp: +7961777843
If you want our engineer or programmer to help you install the program remotely, then please install the free version of the teamwiever program from the official website:
You need to download it, install it, run it, and send the engineer your ID and password.
The machine must be connected via USB. Do not close the Teamweaver program, otherwise we will not be able to connect to your computer.
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