Step 1 for Smartphone on Android

Installing Application Pyroprinter for Android

To manage machine Proprinter 3 you can with a computer, or a mobile device on Android version 5.0 or higher.

In order to upload the app to the Play Market, it is necessary to pass full Google certification. The problem is that our app uses a Wi-Fi connection to control the machine. And Google’s security policy for such applications requires you to meet the requirements that our app will not work after. Therefore, at the moment, you can only download the app from our site. To do this, download our app to your smartphone using this link:

Download Pyroprinter App

A pp3.apk file will be downloaded to your phone.

This is the app’s installation file. If your Android version supports direct installation, then after downloading, you can immediately click on this file and the program will install.

Some versions of Android do not allow you to install the app directly in this way, so you need to open the downloaded file through the File Manager. In rare cases, the built-in file Manager that comes with Android will also not allow you to install the app. In this case, you can install any other file Manager from the PlayMarket.

Note! Don’t forget your smartphone to grant the application Pyroprinter access to your phone’s memory! Otherwise, the App will not be able to open your image.

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