Connection via WiFi.

In this guide, we will show you how to configure the machine to work on Wi-Fi. There are two options for connecting to your home Wi-Fi router, or instruct the machine to create its own Wi-Fi point.


1. Connecting to your home wifi network

Before we set WiFi mode

If you have a home Wi-Fi router, you can connect the device via WiFi connection. To do this, you need to know the IP address of the router. Usually it is or


How to find out IP address:

  1. Press the Win + R on your keyboard, 
  2. Enter cmd in the field and click OK . The Command prompt will open.
  3. Enter – ipconfig and press Enter .
  4. Find the line – Default Gateway this is the IP address of your router.


How to set WiFi mode

  1. Connect the device via USB .
  2. Run the PyroPrinter program.
  3. Click the “Settings” button and fill in the required fields




4. Set Name WiFi – The name of your home WiFi network

5. Set IP address in the program field

If the IP of your router is

Replace the last digit – 1 to 90

You get the IP address –

You can set any digit in the range from 2 to 255 (for example –

If the IP of your router is

You get the IP address –


6. Set Port – Do not replace (8888 is correct)

7. Set Password – Set the password of your home WiFi network.*

*After restarting, this field will be empty. This means that the password is recorded in the controller. If you need to change your password, enter a new one. If you do not enter anything in this field, the password will remain the last one set.


8. Enable Connection via WiFi – Set the checkbox.

9. Click – OK


The program will reboot.

After that, you can see the icon – connection via WiFi.




Now you can disconnect the USB cable


2. How to create a Wi-Fi access point

If you don’t have WiFi router,in any case, you have the ability to connect the device via WiFi. The device will work as an “access point”.

1. Connect the device via USB .

2. Run the PyroPrinter program.You should hear that the device is connected.

3. Tap the button ‘settings’.

You need to fill in the following fields.



4. Set the Name Wi-Fi – Come up with a name, the name must be unique.

5. Set the IP address – Read the section “Connecting via WiFi”.

6. Set the Password –  Come up with a password. The password must be strictly eight characters, no more and no less.

7. Set the checkbox Connection via Wi-Fi

8. Set the checkbox As access point

9. Click – OK . Hold it! The program will reboot.

10. Close the program.

11. Disconnect the USB cable.

Find your access point and connect it (using an eight-digit password).



Run the Pyroprinter program again. You will hear the device starts to work. If you don’t hear, you did something wrong! Try again.


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