Solving Problems With Installing The Program

On different computers and different versions of Windows, the composition of installed operating system components sometimes differs. Therefore, certain errors may occur that are quite simple to fix.


1. I can’t install the drivers.

You install the driver, but in the Device Manager, the computer did not recognize the machine as a “Maple” or “USB Serial Drive” in the “ports COM and LPT ” section.

Make sure that when installing the driver, your machine was connected to the computer via USB wire. If the wire was disconnected, turn it on and try installing the drivers again. Open Device Manager and turn off the USB wire from your computer and turn it on again. You will see that a new unidentified device has appeared. Right-click on it and select the “update driver” option. Then click “choose your own driver installation location on your computer”. Specify the path to the folder where you have installed the program Proprinter. You only need to specify a folder – you don’t need to search for a specific file. Click Next. Windows will determine what files it needs and install the missing libraries.


2. Error “side-by-side configuration is incorrect”


This error occurs if your version of Windows does not have a Visual C++update. Just download and install this update from the link (it was downloaded from the official Microsoft website).


3. Still can not run the software

Please install this update pack


4. The program started, but the machine didn’t.

In this case, first look at the connection icon in the lower-right corner of the program. If it is crossed out, it means that the program does not see your machine.

If the connection is crossed out, it means that the program does not see your machine. Most likely, it is not the correct port number of the USB. If you enabled the machine in one socket last time and enabled it in another the next time, the program will try to find the machine at the previous com port address. Follow the instructions of this article – points 3.6-3.7





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