Image preparing in Photoshop

The better you process the image, the better the finished picture will look.

We usually use Photoshop to process photos. This is a powerful image editor. If you are not ready to sign up for a paid subscription to Photoshop or purchase a license, please contact our support. We do not distribute unlicensed software, but we can provide a link where you can get a free non-licensed version of the program. We do not promote pirated software. This will be entirely your decision.


Professional retoucher-editor

If you do not want to do photo editing yourself, then I highly recommend a professional retoucher-editor Dmitry. We recommend ordering at least one edited photo from him. This way you will quickly understand the capabilities of the machine and you will master burning faster.

His name is Dmitry Lubimov

His WhatsApp: +79091105119

His email:


Ready-made images for burning

Here you can download the finished images that Dmitry prepared for burning. They are free. With them, you can practice and make the first works for publications in your social networks.

See the gallery with ready-to-burn paintings.:

Click here to download zip archive with ready to burn pictures
Please note! They are all different sizes. If you want to burn out some image of a different size, then please use a graphic editor. In lesson 1 on this page, you will learn how to edit the image size in Photoshop.

Lessons how to use the Photoshop

How to prepare the image in Photoshop:

0. Basic skills for newbie how to use the Photoshop

I. Basic Editing

1 Opening image in Photoshop, image size, greyscale)

2 Black and white balance

II Secondary Editin

3 Increasing the Sharpening

4 Local Emphasis

5 Skin smoothing


Professional tools for editing

6 Plugin Topaz BW for the Photoshop

This is a very powerful plugin that will save you a lot of time on photo processing. The plugin creates an excellent image sharpness, which looks good when burned out. Read this article on how to install it and how to use it.

The Topaz filter makes the face as contrasting as possible. When burning on plywood, the face gets extra volume.

Read how to use it in this article




How to increase the size of a small image without losing quality

7. Remini

If you are sent a low-quality photo, then you should first improve it. Rimini is a phone app that uses a neural network. You upload an image in poor quality and the neural network finishes it on its own, making the quality better. You can get a stunning photo for further processing in the photo editor

Learn more



8. Topaz Gigapixel AI

Another problem is if you were sent a small-sized photo. When you increase the size of the photo, it becomes blurry and difficult to work with. Topaz Gigapixel is another computer program that enlarges an image without losing quality. This is also a neural network (you will need Internet access), which itself completes your image.

How to install a Gigapixel and use it READ this article



9. Best and fast way to make perfect picture 

  • need to install this actions download actions.atn (watch how to install it in the video)
  • need to install the Topaz Filter 





Free analog of photoshop GIMP

If you don’t want to use Photoshop, you can use the free equivalent of this editor – GIMP2. It duplicates a large number of photoshop functions. But it has a slightly different logic. Pay special attention to saving the file for burning. Watch this video to see how good this editor is for you. The advantage of this editor is that it is free. Many functions are duplicated from Photoshop. But you won’t find any filters under GIMP. Also under GIMP there are much fewer video lessons on the Internet

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