STEP 2 – First start, How to use the SoftWare

Before start the machine:


How to control the machine by the software


Included with the machine is 2 pieces of plywood. They are 15*31 centimeters (5.9*12.2 inches) in size. We do not put A4 format, because it does not fit in the box with the machine and use plywood 4 mm thick for these samples. This is to avoid making the box heavy to send.

We have prepared 2 images that are the right size to fit on these plywood: a Hedgehog and a Swan. Click on the photo to download this image in .bmp format.

hedgehog swanmini

You can find more ready-to-burn images on this page

How to use the machine via WiFi

Read this directions to learn how to use the Pyroprinter via WiFi



Signals of the “blue diode” on the front side of the controller

The device operates in three modes.

  • USB – always works.
  • WIFI – Connect through the router.
  • As access point – Device works like the router (making WiFi point).

After turning on the device, about 15 seconds, the blue diode will blink.

  • One time – connected via USB .
  • Two times – connected via WIFI .
  • Three times – device created access point
  • Five times – connection error.

Note. If device can’t connect via WIFI or as access point and USB cable is disconnected, blue diode blinks five times and device will be waiting to connect via USB.


The program PyroPrinter Hot keys

  • R – start
  • S – stop
  • P – pause
  • Z – returning to the zero
  • SPACE – extrastop
  • Ctrl+click on window with image – rotate image
  • Shift +click on window with image – resize the image

Tip positioning:

  • Left/Right – coordinate X
  • Up/Down – coordinate Y

Set up the movement distance: 

  • F1 or 1 – minimal movement
  • F2 or 2 – 0.5 mm movement
  • F3 or 3 – 10 mm movement
  • F4 or 4 – 100 mm movement

for example:

press F3 and after that  “Left/Right” or “Up/Down” arrow button


press button “3” after that “Left/Right” or “Up/Down” arrow button

one tap for arrow button – one movement of the tip for 1 cm in the direction of arrow.

  • Tap V and then tap +/– increase/decrease speed coefficient.
  • Tap T and then tap +/– increase/decrease the tip temperature.
  • F12 – to set up a zero



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