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Previously, we provided a link to download video lessons and software from the file storage (dropbox). But we came to the conclusion that this is not convenient. This is why this section was created in April 2020.

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table soft
STEP 1 Assembling the table, Installation of the software (last updated 04/23/2020)

  • If you have the machine “Pyroprinter I” please watch this directions to install the software (update 04/25/2020)
  • If you want to install the application for a smartphone with Android to control the Pyroprnter III from your phone please watch this directions (update 04/30/2020)
  • If you were unable to install the program, follow these instructions to get our technical support



First start
STEP 2First start of the machine, how to control the machine via the software (last update 1st of May 2020)




STEP 3Image Preparing (last update 4th of April 2020 new)



plywood prep
STEP 4Plywood Preparing (last update 5th of May 2020 new)



STEP 5Machine maintenance:  how to shape the tip, how to oil the mechanics (last update 3rd May 2020 new)

What you can make with Pyroprinter else




Troubleshooting, How to fix defects when burning out

1. Solving Problems With Installing The Program. Read here

2. The image is pale (too light) or part of the image is not burned out.


3. The picture has stripes similar to “blinds”




We specifically did not make these materials public, so as not to create additional competitors for you. We have worked and experimented for thousands of hours to share our experience with you. A lot of our developments are copyrighted.

Unfortunately, based on our experience in our country, we found that a number of people distributed our materials and shared them without our knowledge. If this happens, we will have to further restrict access and provide it only by username and password. We do not want to create unnecessary difficulties for you, so we hope for your integrity.

We have some difficulty writing in English due to the fact that the interfaces of our programs and operating systems are not in English. Also, since we are not native speakers, please forgive any inaccuracies in translation or pronunciation. To make it easier for you to understand our video lessons and tutorials, we will use speech synthesizers. The voice will be a bit synthetic and not natural, but our team will also be on the other side of the screen.

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