There is a special program that uses a neural network to increase the image size without losing image quality. Its name is Topaz Gigapixel.


This is a very powerful program that allows you to not just optimize the image when it is enlarged. The neural network analyzes the photo itself and adds details when the size increases. By uploading an image of 300*400 pixels, you can get a high-quality image of up to 2000*3000 pixels.

This is what the result looks like.
(The photo is enlarged to show up-close quality before and after processing)


The program itself is paid. However, you can use a free monthly period. And after that, just register a new account and use it for the next and subsequent months as well.


1. Installation

To install the program, follow the link to the project website:


After downloading the installation file, install it as a normal program on your computer. At launch, you will need to create an account on the official website.


2. Registration 

You can register to your mailbox. But I suggest using a free temporary mailbox. After a month, you can also create a new email through the same service and make another registration. Go to the site of the temporary mailbox:


The mailbox will be created automatically immediately and will appear in this window


Copy the temporary email address and go to the Topaz Gigapixel registration page:


Insert your email address in the Register area, press Register


Go back to the temporary mail page. You will immediately receive an email confirming your registration. It is located at the bottom of this page. 

Open it. There you will see the data for registering the Program. You will need a username and password.

Go back to the Topaz Gigapixel program that you installed on your computer. Enter the username and password you received when registering in the email.


From this point on, the program can be used for one month. When it ends, you can also re-register to a temporary email address and use the program again for another month. And so on.


3. How To Use

The program is very easy to use. Just select the file on your computer that you want to improve or increase.

The program will do all the work itself. This may take some time depending on the power of your computer.

There are several buttons on the right. You can zoom in to see the details in the photo to compare how it was and how it became.


Please note! The program not only optimizes, but also completes the image based on its algorithms and self-learning. Therefore, after such processing, it is advisable to check whether the program has drawn anything superfluous.

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