Topaz black and white to increase the volume and details of the face

Topaz black and white is a powerful simple filter that can significantly save time on image processing and get a photo with a pronounced face volume.


The Topaz filter makes the face as contrasting as possible. When burning on plywood, the face gets extra volume.


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How To install Topaz


How to use Topaz

After installing the Topaz plugin, you can immediately start using It. Upload a color image to Photoshop. To open the Topaz black and White filter, click on the menu Filter-Topaz labs-Topaz BW Effects 2.


The Topaz Filter opens as a new program in a new window.

Keep in mind that as long as you don’t click OK or CANCEL in the filter, you won’t be able to use Photoshop.


The left part of the window shows the Presets that you can use. These are ready-made sets of filter settings. In the upper left part there are groups of presets (shown in blue in the image below). The window below contains the presets themselves that are included in these groups (highlighted in red  in the screenshot below).


A set of ready-made presets will help you quickly and efficiently prepare the image for burning. You can try different presets.

We recommend using the following presets to work:

1. Traditional collection category:

  • High contrast I detailed
  • High contrast II

2. Stylized Collection

  • Detailed Grunge
  • Detailed Smooth
  • Dynamic I Grunge
  • Dynamic  I Smooth
  • Dynamic  II Grunge

For convenience, all the necessary presets can be added to Favorites. To do this, click on the desired preset and then click on the star above the list of presets (to the left of the “plus”icon). Select all the presets you need. Now they will appear in the Favorites group for easy use.

Additional setting

You can try different preset options to see how the result is processed. The most successful styles are grunge. You can select one of these presets and click OK. The image will be transferred back to Photoshop for further processing.

If you want to enhance this effect, you can open the detailed properties of the Topaz filter on the right side of the screen. Go to section 1. Conversion-Adaptive Exposure.


By adjusting the two parameters Adaptive Exposure and Regions, you can further enhance this effect. The “Regions” parameter shows the size if you move the Regions Parameter to the left, it will increase the size of the area for optimization. If you move this parameter to the right, the detail of the objects will be smaller. This way we can highlight smaller details. The “Adaptive Exposure” parameter is responsible for enhancing this effect. If you want to enhance the effect of presets, move the sliders slightly to the right. Choose the appropriate mode. Don’t overdo it, otherwise it will ruin the image.

Below are several versions of the same image. On the left is a simple black and white image. In the center is the result of processing the Grunge preset. On the right is a modified version of this preset with enhanced exposure.


After this filter, you can continue processing in Photoshop. We recommend smoothing the skin. After this filter, we usually smooth the skin, add levels and other effects as needed.

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